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A friend has described me as an enthusiast, which I think is pretty apt.  There is nothing I am more enthusiastic about than writing.  I love telling stories, finding them, embroidering them and launching them into the world.  And I want to help you with your story building through my Wordsmythe blog and videos.

It doesn’t matter to me if you write poems, short stories, novels or screenplays – so many of the principals are the same.  My goal is to help you achieve your goal of finishing your story, no matter the format –  How Do I Start ? is a great place to begin.  Follow this blog for enthusiastic tips and support throughout your project! Or recommend it to someone you know who writes – or is thinking about starting.

There’s an old adage ‘that every picture tells a story’. When I am not actively engaged in writing for book or screen – I think about writing and how the process works.  And I shoot photographs.  Photographs help remind me that everywhere I look there are stories for the observant writer to capture, tame and coax into a vessel that best serves the nature of the story itself.

This is why my blog exists, to remind you that writing is a world view. It is a process and a learnable one at that.  Find out more about me and why I believe that writing is a craft that can be learned with practice.  It is a reward unto itself every time you turn your thoughts to putting ideas on the page.  Every story is fueled by your own inherent curiosity about the world around you.  Take your curiosity and leap into today, find the story that awaits you around the next corner and bring it home!